Please take a few seconds to answer these short questions, plus JEFF, KRISTEN, or ANDREW want to set up a time to meet with EACH OF you BEFORE August 8th!

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Serving in the student ministry NEXT YEAR as a possible LG Leader (Aug-July 2019-2020): *
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PLEASE READ!!!! We'll meet you at the church, out for lunch, breakfast/coffee, wherever we can in order to debrief how the year has gone and talk about next year's plan - WHETHER OR NOT YOU PLAN TO CONTINUE LEADING OR NOT, PLEASE SCHEDULE A TIME TO MEET WITH ONE OF OUR STAFF. Write 2-3 possible dates below (Mon-Thurs) between now and August 8th that we could possibly get together and meet. (NOTE: Jeff/Kristen will be out of the office July 15-19 and Jeff will also be out July 22-26).