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Indicate on the key ministry functions below whether you would rate it a "GREEN LIGHT," "YELLOW LIGHT," OR "RED LIGHT." 

  • GREEN LIGHT = this ministry function is executed well and is producing the desired results intended for it's purpose.
  • YELLOW LIGHT = this ministry function used to produce the desired results but has slowed some. It may be slipping in it's execution.
  • RED LIGHT = this ministry function is either missing from the ministry all-together or not working at all.
Name *
Campus Where You Volunteer *
Texting, email, social media, hallway conversations
Spring and Fall leadership training, SALT meetings
Impact Jax, international mission trips, domestic mission trips
Fuge Summer Camp, Thrive Weekend, Freshman Retreat
Wednesday Night ReFuel, Theme Nights (Go Bananas, Whiteout Night Color-war, etc.)
Hodges Campus (Student Worship), All other campuses (main worship service)
If you had none, write NONE in the text box below.