Student Worship Audition info

Hello! We are so excited that you are wanting to audition for our worship team! Here is all the information that you need to prepare for your upcoming audition!

Before we get to all of that information, here are some details that you will need to know if you would like to be a part of the worship team:

1) We want to you to be a part of the worship team! If you audition, we will do our best to find a place for you. If you are not at a skill level where we can use you yet for your instrument, you can still serve on the tech team and we will hold multiple auditions during the year so you can always try again. Worship auditions are not a one and done process.

2) Everyone who auditions in student worship cross trains for the tech team. This means that no matter what instrument you play or how well you sing, you will learn how to run lights and pro presenter! This allows us to utilize more people every week and make sure that you can serve in multiple capacities.

3) Rehearsals are every Wednesday night at 5:30 PM and Sunday morning at 8 AM. On time is arriving 5 minutes early to each of these rehearsals. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND BOTH REHEARSALS TO PLAY.

4) Planning Center Online is how we communicate with you. When you audition, you will receive a simple training on downloading the application and how to use it. Every week we utilize Planning Center to schedule volunteers. You must use the app to be on the worship team.

5) Every student must attend the annual student worship planning meeting (typically happens in August/September) of each year and expected to sign a worship team covenant.

6) We play to a click track with loops. This means that you will have your own personal in ear monitors and there will be cues for you to play/sing along with for our worship.


Song: Lion and the Lamb

MP3 For All Vocalists/Musicians:

Chord Charts:



Acoustic Guitar Tutorial:

Electric Guitar Tutorials:

Drum Tutorial:

Bass Tutorial:

Piano Tutorial:

If you have any questions about the expectations for being a part of the worship team, email Jordan at